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Video: How to Pair Bluetooth with Your New Hyundai


Video: How to Pair Bluetooth with Your New Hyundai

Every new Hyundai model now comes with Bluetooth. Here at Mirak Hyundai, a local Boston Area Hyundai Dealer, our salespeople show their customers how to set up Bluetooth before the customer drives home. But sometimes people are in a rush and want to figure it out on their own, or they are just pressed for time.

So we’ve made two short videos showing how to pair Bluetooth with either an iPhone or an Android phone. Please watch them- and if you ever need help with your Bluetooth setup please contact us.


How to hook up a Droid Galaxy to a new 2013 Hyundai with NAV on a Hyundai:



iPhone set up for Hyundai Bluetooth:





What IS Bluetooth- and what’s so great about it?

I remember when Bluetooth technology came out some years back. Truth is- I did not really embrace it. (Never was a fan of having to have the latest and greatest. Sad to say my attitude was, "Oh, great- another thing I need to learn about.")

At the time, I did my best to avoid Bluetooth mainly out of laziness and nothing else. Lo and behold I bought new a Hyundai that had Bluetooth as a standard feature. I was lugging my CD collection out of my old car and into my new one. A few of my younger coworkers were giggling and asked me what all that was and, "Do you have cassettes too?" I said, "What- you kids do not like music?" They replied, "Your car has Bluetooth- so why do you lug all that around?

Right then and there I had an "Ah-hah" moment and asked myself why do I lug all this around? I could not come up with an answer that made sense. So I started to think about all the applications on my phone for downloading and streaming music. Next thing you know, my phone is paired, (paired means connected), to my car’s Bluetooth. So now I have hundreds of songs loaded onto my phone. While driving I can pretty much listen to any song from any band or artist I want when I want. This comes in handy- not only because there are no bulky CD cases, but also now my coworkers do not make fun of me. (Using Bluetooth is also a great way to save on the cost of music.)

I thought this was great and wondered what else can this feature could do? Turns out it can also do hands-free phone, speaking through the vehicle’s audio system. (I know you shouldn’t talk and drive, but I have done it and I am sure I am not the only one.) Well, with the Bluetooth feature you can talk hands-free and not hold the phone up to your ear and be caught driving with one hand in traffic. I am not recommending that you use your phone while driving- but if you have to, doing so with Bluetooth is much safer.

– Jason Kurker

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