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The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe is a Great Choice for Bostonians.


The new 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe has won numerous awards. Like the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) “Best Affordable Crossover/SUV” Award, as one of the best in its class for winter driving in New England. This makes it a great choice for those who live in the Boston Area or in New England in general. It has great styling, premium comfort features, and advanced safety features all in one affordable package.

In a new article, our own Jason Kurker explains why it’s a particularly good choice for Boston Area drivers:


New 2014 Veloster Review at Hyundai Dealer near Boston

Our own Garrett Weinstein reviews the new Hyundai Veloster with the Style Package:







Mirak Offers Hyundai Military Specials for Boston Area Members of the United States Armed Forces

ImageHere at Mirak Hyundai we want to give back and help out our troops as best we can. We have military programs to make purchasing a new Hyundai easy.

 Recently we teamed up with Hanscom Air Force Base and Fort Devens. These two military housing bases are close by our dealership, and we will do our best to help with setting up auto financing and ensure that we maximize all the savings programs that are available to Boston Area military personnel.

 Please contact us if you are a member of the US Military or are a veteran- and we will do our best to ensure a quick, easy, and pleasant shopping experience. This is our way of giving back.
 (More information HERE.)


New Hyundai Concept Causing a Stir In the Boston Area


Recently Hyundai revealed a new concept car called the PassoCorto. It’s truly something else, and best of all, there is reason to believe it might actually make it into production. Will this be for all Hyundai dealers? Or just a select few?

     Click here to read more. 

Look Who Bought a Hyundai at Mirak Hyundai | Boston Hyundai Dealer

This month’s Customer Shout Out goes to Dr. Matt Pulglia. Matt is busy man, husband, and father of two children. He works full time at his practice helping many patients every day. He also helps people with personal fitness programs.

boston_area_hyundai_owner  In addition, Matt is a top level Super Heavyweight national level    bodybuilder in the NPC. The NPC, which stands for “National Physique Committee” is an organization that produces local and national level shows where a competitive bodybuilder can earn pro status and compete in The IFBB as a pro. (The IFBB is the same organization that Arnold Schwarzenegger competed in.)

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