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The All-New 2015 Hyundai Sonata is Coming to Boston Area Showrooms


An all-new Hyundai Sonata is coming for 2015. Our own Jason Kurker says he is both said and eager about this.

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Hyundai is a Leader in New Vehicle Technology

boston_hyundai_techOK, so by now most people know that Hyundai vehicles are loaded with cutting edge features and amenities. Since our cars are way ahead in the technology game- that means Hyundai can keep things the way they are, right?

Wrong. Not at all.

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Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Cars in the Boston Area

Why Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned? What’s so special about these cars?


boston_hyundai_certifiedThere are lots of benefits to buying a factory certified pre-owned car, such as special financing that’s not available on non-certified used Hyundais. Certified Hyundais come with a special warranty. Then there’s the 150 point inspection done by a certified Hyundai trained technician, roadside assistance, free rental car, trip interruptio, and lots of other goodies.

 In fact, there are so many benefits that we made a web page detailing why you might want to buy a Certified Hyundai Pre-owned car. Click here to visit it.




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