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Do You Know What The Recommended Service Schedule for your Hyundai is?

service_hyundai_bostonNot sure what the recommended service schedule is for your Hyundai?

No problem…

Just Click HERE!


Where To Find Hyundai Parts



Do you need need information on Hyundai Parts?
Well, then you’re in luck. We have a site set up to help you get information on Hyundai Parts. On this helpful site you can find parts information on Hyundai models from 2008-2015.

Click HERE for more information.




Comparing Cars: Hyundai Compared to Everything Else



Thinking of getting a new car?  

Not sure which car or SUV is right for you?  

Planning on test-driving three or more different vehicles to see which one is best for you?  Phew. I am tired just thinking about that. Who has the time for that? Well  here is something that can save you some serious amounts of time.

 Comparing Cars

The above link takes you to a site where you can compare all Hyundais from  2008 to 2015 vs. their competitive brands, model-by-model. You can see it all!

What car has the better Warranty?  (OK, that is unfair, we all know Hyundai does.)  
All kidding aside, this site is a great wealth of knowledge for you to compare the brands you may be considering. Maybe you will find out that one of the vehicles you were thinking of comparing does not have as many features that are important to you as the other. Maybe just looking at the size specification will let rule something out- before you waste time driving to a dealership, only to  find it is not the size you thought.

Click here to start your journey- and compare!


Mirak Hyundai does not need any pine tar.



 We’re not the Yankees, and we don’t pine tar.

  What do we mean?  Click here to find out.

Mirak Hyundai Earns the Prestigious Hyundai President’s Award

The Presidents Award is given out only to Hyundai Dealerships that rank the very highest in customer satisfaction. Mirak Hyundai is one of only three dealerships in the entire state to achieve this award- and the ONLY Hyundai dealer in the Boston area to do so.

Hyundai-2013 President s Award-Boston
How are these awards earned? All new Hyundai customers are given a survey from Hyundai when they purchase a new vehicle. (And also on some service visits.) This customer survey from Hyundai is to gauge the satisfaction level of their dealership experience. So in a way- the award is really given out by the customers themselves.

It’s is a big accomplishment for the  Mirak Hyundai Team. It says we take of care of our customers- before during, and after the sale. We are very proud of earning the President’s Award.

We want to thank our customers for their continued business and outstanding positive feedback here at Mirak Hyundai.


Scheduling Service Appointments at Mirak Hyundai

Boston Hyundai Service

Our service department is one of the largest in New England and we are open nights and weekends. We have a full service collision center and our service department can handle any situation your vehicle could run into. Whether it is a simple service or a major repair we got you covered.

With hundreds of cars being scheduled for service it is often tough for our customer care department to get to every incoming phone call right away. We do try, but with such high call volume it is tough.

We hate having you wait, so on our website we have a Service/ Parts section where you will find the “Schedule a Service Appointment” option. On this page you can schedule your next appointment at times that are available and also convenient for you. Save time and don’t worry about ever getting placed on hold.

Schedule Your Service Appointment by Clicking Here.

(If you need help with setting this up please call us and someone from the customer care department will help you. 781-873-1211)

service hyundai boston


Our service department here at Mirak Hyundai is one of the largest automotive service facilities in the Boston Area– and all of New England. We are open more hours than most to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules.  (Click here for our complete hours.)






Mirak Hyundai is a Boston Area Hyundai Dealer

Mirak Hyundai has Saturday Service Hours – Boston Hyundai Dealer Saturday Service


Our service department here at Mirak Hyundai is one of the largest automotive service facilities in the Boston Area– and all of New England. We are open more hours than most to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules. (Click here for our complete hours.)

Some Hyundai dealerships close their service departments at 5:00 PM on weekdays. Some are not open on weekends. But this isn’t the case at Mirak Hyundai. We’re open for service until 8PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we also have Saturday service hours.


If you can not make it in during the week or know you will be needing some routine service done soon, contact us online in advance and schedule your service appointment. (You might want to schedule Saturday appointments ahead because they so sometimes do fill up well in advance.)

You can schedule Hyundai service in the Boston Area by clicking here.

Please keep in mind that while you wait for service- there are many things to do in the area. (Click here for some examples.)


Mirak Hyundai is a Boston Area Hyundai Dealer

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