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Blue Link Stories

With Hyundai Blue Link, finding the quickest route and navigating unfamiliar areas is easy and fun.

With Blue Link, driving has never been safer, easier, more convenient, or more fun. This innovative technology sends and receives messages to keep you well connected at all times. Access Blue Link through a smartphone, web application, or in-car system to find a gas station or shortcut, learn about mechanical issues, call for help and much more!

Find out what it can do for you:


Mirak Hyundai is a Boston Area Hyundai dealer


Boston Area Hyundai Dealer Offers Blue Link System to Link Massachusetts Drivers with Convenience and Safety

A car from Mirak Hyundai with the new Blue Link system can help you discover points of interest, check maintenance, lock your vehicle from your smartphone, monitor your vehicle from afar and so much more, all with visual or audio guidance.

(Connect to Blue Link using your smartphone, a web application or an in-car system to receive all the benefits this innovative technology offers.)

Now you can locate, lock, unlock, and start your Hyundai remotely from virtually anywhere in the Boston Area- or just about anywhere in the World.

Take comfort in Boston snowstorms or heat waves or –cool or warm the vehicle’s interior up to 10 minutes before you get in. From a remote location, you can unlock your vehicle’s doors so a forgetful friend can retrieve an item they’ve left in your car and re-lock your car when they’re done. Enjoy these vehicle remote access features and more by dialing a toll-free number, using, or through the Blue Link smartphone application.

Hyundai Mobile App Features for your Apple® iOS, Android ™ Or Blackberry ® Device:


  • Remote Door Lock
  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Remote Horn & Lights
  • Remote Vehicle Start
  • Car Finder



Contact us for more details at our Boston Area Hyundai Dealership Website



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