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Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

Blank blue speech bubbleToday, reviews are very popular and available in many forms. Reviews for a business, service, product, movies, food- you name it, there are reviews out there on pretty much everything.

Reading a review gives a consumer good insight on what to expect for a customer-to-business experience. Many review sites like Google+ or Yelp are a great way to investigate a business before you visit. You can read several reviews and get an idea whether or not this place is for you or not. If you see business reviews that are entirely negative with no response back from the business, then you will realize you would more than likely have a negative experience yourself. This indicates that they probably do not care or are not too concerned. Otherwise they would have responded.

On the other hand, if a an establishment has many good reviews and a few bad ones, then chances are if the good outweigh the bad, then this place would give you your money’s worth and will likely be a good experience. I would not be overly concerned with a few bad reviews. Lets face it- no business is perfect. It’s also true that some customers will not be happy regardless of what efforts a business takes to please them. A few mistakes or mishaps does not render a place bad.

To add a positive note, if a business replies back to a review- it shows they care. You can tell a lot about a business on how they respond. Do they take ownership in any fault or mistake? Do they show genuine concern and reach out to an unhappy customer? Or does this business argue and place blame back on the customer? The manner in which a business replies allows you to gauge how they would treat you if you had an issue with the product or service.

boston_chevrolet_dealer_reviewsFor our industry, (car sales and service), there are many different review sites. These review sites are a great way for a customer to share their experience- good or bad. This can help other consumers and dealers as well. I feel these review sites help the dealership and the customer build and maintain a relationship. Some dealers might get upset when they hear a complaint and probably do not embrace review sites. We feel when we see a customer is not happy and went out of their way to let us know, we should acknowledge it right away. (Maybe this could be a one time slip up. Maybe it could be a flaw in the process.)

Today a customer can go wherever they want and buy whatever they want. So paying attention to reviews should be part of a dealership’s daily tasks.

There are so many options today for reviews that it can be quite overwhelming., and are among the most popular. It seems like every day there’s a new one coming along. We have a good reputation on each of these sites right now- and we work hard to maintain it. We truly want to ensure a positive customer experience for everyone who visits our service or sales departments.


Here is a link to Mirak Hyundai reviews, where you can view all of our recent customer reviews in real time. We read each one of these reviews and reply to everyone. Whether it is just thanking our customer for taking the time to share their review or to let them know we appreciate their feedback, and we’ll have a manager call to follow up.

This may seem like a lot of work for a business, but having consistently happy customers in today’s market is more than worth the effort.  So besides letting the public know we are a good place to do business, this helps us make sure we are doing our job right.



New 2014 Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec coming to the Boston Area

Hyundai Veloster Boston

Unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show two days ago, a new version of the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is coming to the Boston Area, called the Veloster Turbo R-Spec.

This new Veloster has improved handling with higher spring rates, retuned steering settings, a more rigid transmission mount, and a B&M short-shifter for the six-speed manual transmission. (The R-Spec isn’t offered with an automatic.)

This new version of the Hyundai Veloster will come with increased performance at a lower price. The MSRP starts at at $22,110 (including the $810 destination fee), which makes it the least expensive Veloster Turbo model.


Mirak Hyundai is a Boston Area Hyundai dealer in Arlington,  Ma.


Red Sox Mascot Visits Mirak Hyundai



Mirak Hyundai supports the Jimmy Fund.

Show your colors with Red Sox/ Jimmy Fun logo Specialty Mass License Plate. Proceeds are divided equally between the Red Sox Foundation, which is the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox, and the Jimmy Fund, which supports patient care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
Stop by our showroom to see Walle and get your picture taken with him if you would like! visit these sights for more information these special license plates. or

Photo: Ana, David and Garrett with the Boston Red Sox mascot Walle.

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